Exclusive early access version of AwesomeGuildStore. Any major and minor version will be uploaded here first and a week later on ESOUI. Patches for already published versions will still be uploaded to ESOUI immediately.

Current version changes:

  • Improved store detection code and save data format
    • NOTE: I’ve tested the changes to the best of my ability, but still recommend you create a backup if you value your store list data
  • Added reusable search tab when searching for specific items
  • Added “Search For Item” context menu entry to craft bag items on sell tab
  • Added map ping when showing a store on the map
  • Added code to clean up incorrect kiosks and stores from data
  • Removed LibStub dependency (and sadly LibCustomTitles as a result)
  • Updated item style filter data
  • Updated French translation (thanks igx31!)
  • Updated for Greymoor
  • Fixed error when the selected guild id is nil when a guild store is opened
  • Fixed resetting a search that is not selected resets the active search too
  • Fixed items not getting marked as sold out when they are no longer available
  • Fixed unit price filter not showing in “Crafting > All” category
  • Fixed regular clothes not showing in the “Apparel > Costumes” category
  • Fixed “one activity queued” status message getting stuck in some cases
  • Fixed time remaining and unit price headers overlapping in the official Russian localization
  • Fixed entrance pin detection not working correctly in the official Russian localization
  • Fixed clicking an entry in the guild trader history not opening the correct guild list entry
  • Fixed some stores not getting detected on characters that haven’t visited certain locations yet
    • NOTE: It should now be able to locate all existing kiosks even on new characters. Let me know if that’s not the case for you!
  • Fixed “Open On Map” not always showing the correct map
  • Fixed several bugs that allowed NPCs and locations that aren’t actually kiosks to get detected as such
  • Fixed owner data not getting updated in some cases for guilds you are a member of

This version will be released to ESOUI on Monday, July 6th.

Version: 1.4.0-beta
Uploaded: 2020-06-29 21:42
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